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Invest in gold or buy gold bars, Bunia Precious metals is one of the leading producers of dust, coins, nuggets, bullion focused on responsible mining with safe, low-cost production throughout the African Region. A portfolio of high-quality assets positions the Company to deliver long-term. During the past years, gold bars have gained a lot of interest from investors and individuals. We are registered with all the necessary agencies of the government and we have the requisite authorization to export gold. Bunia Precious Metals’ business practices are shaped by consistency. Our team deals with local miners and refineries on a daily basis, constantly pushing their knowledge and work ethic towards bigger and better. 

Invest in Gold

Bunia Precious metals has grown into the industry group involving mineral exportation.  Unlike investing in stocks, bonds, and currencies that can become worthless overnight, gold has true intrinsic value and hence, will always be valuable, buy gold today. 

Long-Term Value

To achieve this goals, Bunia Precious metals remains focused on five key attributes: high quality production; low cash costs; maintaining an investment grade balance sheet; operating in regions with low political risk; and conducting business in a responsible manner.


Our Industries – Invest in Gold

Enterprise Companies

We deal with local miners of gold and other small enterprises with gold but lack market in our communities

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Customer Products

We have gold nuggets, gold dust, gold bars, gold bullion, quality gold for sale, diamonds etc. Invest with us today.

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We handle consignment from the seller to the buyer, we process mineral documents and Lab essay report.

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Financial Services

We offer loans to empower all our local miners, to facilitate their small projects for community development.

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Responsible Mining

We are committed to operating with the highest ethical, environmental, and social practices, to meet international standards. To achieve this important goal, bunia has established four pillars.

Investments & Acquisitions

We focus investing in our community by building the infrastructures, Real Estates to raise standards of living, build schools, mature educational centres to erase illiteracy from local communities. etc.

Safety and Health

At Bunia precious metals, we have respect for community interests, and technology all combine to play a part in maintaining the highest standards of occupational health and safety in our workplace.

Social Responsibility

Stakeholders are an integral part of our business and meeting stakeholder needs is critical to our sustainability. We believe in proactive, open, and constructive stakeholder engagement, which informs participative decision-making. This is the time to invest with us.

Legitimate Products

We provide the best advice to our customers when it comes to securing them to legitimate or genuine precious gold and diamond sellers across in Africa. We are specialized in introducing you to real and genuine precious metal sellers in Africa, invest with us now.

Growth & Sales

We are always in search for partners who act on our behalf as commission agents or private buyers who get us market on the international level because we always focus on extending our market world-wide. For the betterment of our community, invest for the future.

Gold Nuggets

We have gold nuggets and gold specimens, all our gold nuggets and gold specimens are natural. So please that’s why we always request all our buyers to come through and witness the real pure gold that we sale before making any purchases.

Gold Bars

Are you’re looking forward on investing in physical gold at the lowest possible price per ounce. Gold bars are the stalwart of the industry, what everyone wants from the average investors to central banks, they all buy and store Gold bars.

Gold Dust

We hold an immense clientele in this field by providing an excellent grade array of Gold dust. Sourced from trusted local miners. In addition to this, the provided Gold dust can be bought by our valuable patrons at rock bottom rates for you.

“Become one of our gold buyers or a commission agent today.”

Bunia Precious Metals is an agency operating under the Companies’ Code, with full licenses of gold export. We broker the buying and selling of raw gold in dust and rock form. We are agents to players operating within the gold industry in Congo and Uganda and the rest of the world.

Want to Invest in Gold Join The Team?

Bunia Precious Metals is a source for gold nuggets, gold bars, gold bullion and gold dust. All the gold for sale by us has been hand selected for it’s amazing quality. When you buy gold from us, you can be assured that you will receive the finest natural gold nuggets, gold bars, gold bullion and gold dust available in Uganda & DR Congo.

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